Dear fellow citizens

As mayor of Szilágynagyfalu, extend a sincere welcome to all who have visited this website in the name of this village community, local government and on my own.
We want to come this way in support of the citizens, giving them access to information produced and managed by local government and at the same time to be a window permanently open to all those who want to know about our community and us.
Thank you on behalf of residents, visitors from home and abroad, because you have curiosity and desire to learn as much about us, thinking perhaps you will find business opportunities of any kind, we hope that you will urge you to invest in our village, with responsibility for making sure there is an open and transparent local government.
Certainly the information received, you will find at least something that will capture your attention and wish to know the unique beauty of these lands live, friendly people, hospitable and welcoming charm of a joint.

Town hall

Primar Mate Radu